Office profile

U/Define architects is an (inter)national architectural agency that defines the future spatial quality of public, private and temporary spatial interventions, in a variety of different forms and scales. The architectural solutions we bring are tailored to your current needs and those of tomorrow’s world.


The U/Define architects agency was established in 2014. The foundations were laid in 2006 with the Split/Houses project near Bruges. In 2009, Wesley Lanckriet landed the prestigious Le Toison d’Or project (Brussels) for UNStudio. As the Senior project architect, he followed up the project from A to Z. In 2014, U/Define architects was assigned by UNStudio to handle the execution and completion of Le Toison d’Or.


U/Define architects focuses on long-term customer relations and strategic partnerships in which design, spatial quality, strategic thinking, budget awareness and sustainability take centre stage. In doing so, the agency is keen to bring an appropriate and innovative answer to each (construction) demand, setting out from broad-based experience.

Our approach/

To U/Define architects, sustainability is neither an idle concept nor a purely technical solution. Our projects seek to adopt a flexible stance to allow them to undergo adaptations in due course, without affecting the value of the initial project.

U/Define architects is eager to give every client insight into the way solutions, quality and possibilities are created for any given location. This understanding helps clients in their decision-making process. U/Define architects is there to help define the needs of tomorrow, is mindful of the benefits and drawbacks of architectural choices and seeks to spot the potential in every solution. The synthesis of this reflection exercise is a fully mature project, which all parties involved can identify with.